Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Ted Talks: Bono-Action for Africa

The talk I decided to review this week was by Bono, it was about the current problems in Africa. Even though this talk was given in October 2006 the problems he was trying to alert people about have not yet being completely erased. I found the talk to be very intresting as it touched a topic that I have ahuge intersest in "Action for Africa". This is also a topic that my school has ahuge interest in there is a fourth year trip to Uganda each year to visit orphaneges and school. St Andrews fundraise each year for the trip, with funds being used for the develpoment of facilities in the areas where the students visit.

Bono won the Ted Talks prize for his talk in 2006, part of the prize was for Ted Talks to help him with three wishes.
       -Wish One- Was for Ted talks to help give every school, hospital and library in Ethiopia with internet.
       -Wish Two- Was for one million American activits to push politions into pumping resources into africa with the help of the one foundation.
       -Wish Three- A profile for one billion Africans on the Internet.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Tedx Challenge

Sir Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity

Why this talk was so interesting:

1.The points that Sir ken had were very clear and easy to understand.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Chernobyl with the dublin rose


On the 26th of April 1986 the world was gripped by europes biggest nuclear disaster, due to human error.
SiobhÊal Nic Eochaidh the dublin rose of 2011 and her escourt talked to us about there trip to Ukraine, after months of fundraising which included sitting on a bike for six hours they headed off to the Ukraine.
with the Adi Roche foundation which focuses on helping children after disaters. When they arrived it was -30 DEGREES which was a bit of a shock for an Irish person who calls 10 degrees cold.

What they were shown in the orphange was a bit of shock, Unit 1 had children that were bed riden, they had sours from holding the same position, the shock continued to set in as they went through the diffrent units. What they found hardest to take was the fact that if their was anything wrong with children they seemed to go here even with a mild case of ADHD.

The orphange was at the end of a country road which showed when you went here it was the end, when children became adults at the age of eighteen they were moved to a adults mental asylum.